Program Example: Full Brand Development Program

Super Critical brands co-create, development, launch and sustain process example: how we launched a new-to-the-world cannabis brand.

As is

Foundations for growth

  • Review of business plan & operating model.

  • Understand company Mission, vision & values (as it relates to brands).
  • Alignment on company volume and profit goals & plans
  • Review of sales capabilities and supply chain as relates to brand
  • Simple internal survey on brands to enfranchise key managers & kick off project.
  • Project Kick off meeting/ internal announcement (if required)

To be

Creation and testing

  • Segmentation study fielded and results defined & sized for profitability and volume
  • Consumer tests: New Product Concept Testing develops brand concepts for most attractive segments.
  • Product & use test combining the winning concepts with types of product (cannabis) to confirm purchase intention within target segments.
  • Conjoint pricing test to determine optimal price points.
  • New brands and marketing mix ready. Brand strategy, Positioning, Pricing, brand financial model.

Brand Activation

Execution and Launch

  • Brand strategic briefing document agreed internally.
  • Brand platforms. Develop 3 brand platforms. ‘’Brand in action’’, how the brand appears in the world- brand voice, tone, imagery, etc.
  • Logo development and packaging produced.
  • Go-to-market sales and marketing strategy and plan.
  • Budget & human resources plan to support brands – cross functional.
  • Brand launch Kick off meeting/ internal announcement (if required).


Your brand delights consumers by better meeting the needs of U cannabis consumers.
Our consumer research-based program significantly reduces chances of failure.