What is a cannabis brand?

Brand is one of a company’s most valuable assets. It’s the face of the company, the recognizable symbols the public associates with the company. Brand is a signal in the noise.

Back in the day, a brand was literally a red-hot branding iron searing the name of the farmer’s ranch into a cow’s backside. But nowadays, a brand identity is like a person’s identity. Good brands always maintain a consistent look and tone of voice and behavior. While Marketing is the brand in action, a good brand’s personality rarely changes.

Why do I need CPG brand consulting?

There are two key challenges every brand faces:

Ensuring your brand stands out on a crowded shelf; and creating demand for your brand. Both efforts are happening on digital battlegrounds and in dispensaries.
Work with Super Critical Brands to create a ”breakthrough” CPG brand strategy that will delight consumers.

Phone a friend:

Consult with a CPG expert.

Do your brands need a boost, a fresh perspective from an expert easily?
You want to check the brand plan preparations before launch?
You want to figure out your competitor’s brand plans and anticipate their next moves?
You want to explore what CPG brand processes would help grow your businesses.

Whatever your needs, SCB consultants can help. We’ve worked on famous household brands let’s work to make your brand a household name.

  • CPG Brand Experts on Demand
  • Consult with an Expert Panel
  • An expert panel is several CPG brand experts with different skills set and experience on your business.
  • Good if you need expertise in certain areas like segmentation or digital marketing
  • Gives you many perspectives in one consultation
  • Pre and post work ensures you get the most out of the process.

Get Breakthrough Results

Unlock the potential of your brand with a CPG expert consultation.

Why You Need It

You’re an owner or CEO who would like to unlock their brand potential. You’re a marketing director with a problem to resolve. You’re an investor seeking to understand a company’s marketing capabilities.

What is the format?

During COVID-19 the consultation will be remote via Zoom. A CPG expert or panel of experts, also experienced in cannabis.

What you get

  • Pre-meeting brand-diagnostic questionnaire to complete
  • World-class CPG C-Suite experts from a Top-5 marketing company
  • Cannabis Sales & Marketing expert advice
  • Post-Meeting receive an Experts Recommendation Presentation

Optimize you brand with a ‘’Live’’ brand growth workshop.

Workshop the ’’5 P’s of Marketing’’ with your team. Use this workshop to develop new brands or optimize current brands. This could be for both marketing training purposes or for fine-tuning your existing brand plans.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Topic Corporate alignment to brand Brand Soul Exercise Brand Identity Brand In Action Sustaining Success
Morning Session Discussion and case studies Discussion and pricing theory Packaging and retail marketing discussion Reaching consumers in their world How you communicate to consumers
Afternoon Session Breakout session where team works on how to ensure the brand plans are aligned to the company’s overall plans. Team defines the optimal Brand Soul using the SCB Brand Soul Process Breakout session where team works on developing a new or revamped brand identity. Breakout session where team works on an example of place in the brand in action. Breakout session where team works on several types of ways to sustain the success of a brand.

Full Brand Development Program

It takes a village to create a brand consumers love. These projects are priced per project. Our full-development projects involve multi-disciplinary experts in branding, marketing, media and consumer research.

This is our full brand process. We can do parts or the whole process. The typical time duration is 3 months from start to finish. This involves consumer research, employing many experts for the different stages of the process.




Organizing for Success


Program Example: Full Brand Development Program

Super Critical brands co-create, development, launch and sustain process example: how we launched a new-to-the-world cannabis brand.


Select your next step!


  • One Hour + pre work

  • 1 CPG expert

  • One-page call report

  • Free Cannabis Marketing Tips E-book


Brand Expert Panel

Panel Consultation
  • 2 hours
  • 2 CPG expert
  • One-page brand call report
  • Free Cannabis Marketing Tips E-book


Brand Workshop

Brand Optimization Workshop
  • 40 hours
  • 3 CPG expert
  • Weeklong workshop or marketing training
  • Brand Strategy and Marketing Strategy Booklet
  • Brand Optimization Report



Full Brand Launch/ Re-launch
  • Three months program
  • 7 CPG Experts /Weekly check-ins
  • Full Brand & Marketing Strategy execution
  • Brand Strategy and Marketing Strategy and execution of the plan.
  • Full Stack go-to-market marketing & sales strategy.
  • Brand Guidelines for new brand, 3-year marketing & sales strategy.
  • Sustaining Success One-Day Workshops. One and five months after launch.

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