What is CPG Digital Marketing?

CPG digital marketing focuses on the consumer’s media use. Through media we find strategies for your brand to engage and delight the consumer.

Cannabis brands are banned from traditional advertising. Brands who do their own marketing using their own media are called ‘’CPG media brands”.

Cookies is a good example of a CPG media brand. Berner sells CPG cannabis, he’s also a music brand. His music is amplified through global media platforms like World Star Hip Hop.

Transform your brand into a digital CPG Media Brand. Uniting all your digital marketing, social media and CRM under a common brand identity is powerful. This ensures your brand’s message cuts through the noise of modern media.

Our digital technologies and processes help cannabis companies embrace growth opportunities by everything from enhancing the customer experience out to keeping supply chains agile.


Consult with a CPG Digital expert.

As well as project work, we also offer short consultations with either an expert or a panel of experts.

Why should you get a CPG digital expert consultation?

  • The ability to ask any questions you have about your brand in a safe and non-judgmental conversation
  • A low-cost engagement suitable for entrepreneurs
  • A fast way to help ensure your decision making is well-informed
  • CPG Marketing experts from the best CPG companies in the world
  • We work in a calm, methodical way as we explore resolutions

Whatever your needs, SCB consultants can help. We’ve worked on famous household brands let’s work to make your brand a household name.

  • A Digital Team on Demand
  • Consult with an Expert Panel
  • An expert panel is several CPG and Digital marketing experts with different skills set and experience on your business.
  • Good if you need expertise in certain areas like segmentation or digital marketing
  • Gives you many perspectives in one consultation
  • Pre and post work ensures you get the most out of the process.

Digital Marketing Audit

Use this Program to develop new digital marketing plants or optimize your current plans. This could be for marketing or installing a new CRM software system like Salesforce. Or before we build you a new e-commerce website.

SCB Digital Marketing Audit


Creating Value

Capturing Value

Organizing for Success

Sustaining Value

Digital Marketing Transformation Services

All cannabis companies are in different stages of their digital evolution. We can do everything from building your website the CPG way, out to a total transformation of your brand into becoming a cannabis ‘’CPG media brand. ‘’

Digital Marketing Packages

  • Develop your own media for your brand
  • Full Digital Strategy & Execution
  • CRM Strategy & Installation
  • E-commerce Strategy & Installation
  • Media Strategy, SEO & Media Buying
  • Banking and Payments
  • Optimized websites and digital systems

Select your next step!


  • One Hour + pre work

  • 1 CPG expert

  • One-page call report

  • Free Cannabis Marketing Tips E-book


Digital Expert Panel

Panel Consultation
  • 2 hours
  • 2 CPG expert
  • One-page brand call report
  • Free Cannabis Marketing Tips E-book


Digital Audit

Digital Audit
  • 40 hours
  • 3 CPG expert
  • Weeklong workshop or marketing training
  • Digital Marketing and Strategy Booklet
  • Digital Audit & Optimization Report



Create Your Digital Brand
  • Three months program
  • 7 CPG Experts /Weekly check-ins
  • Full Digital Strategy & execution plan

  • CRM Strategy & installation

  • E-commerce Strategy & installation

  • Media Strategy, Social Strategy
    SEO & Media buying

  • Payments and Inventory systems installation.
    Optimized websites for search
    Digital promotional materials e.g. landing pages, banners

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