Social Justice Brands

Social Justice is the equal distribution of resources, opportunities, and privileges within a society. In America there’s huge and unsustainable disparities between whites and people of color.

America will never fulfill its promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness until racial inequalities are addressed. Until then, we fight every day for a just America. ”E Pluribus Unum.” Out of many, one.

Consumers love a brand on a mission. Brands who stand for something have succeeded where other brands, without purpose or mission, have just faded away. Famous brands arounds the world like Patagonia or Ben & Jerry’s have grown their slaes by associating themselves with environmental justice or social justice causes.

In Cannabis, Two Joints and also The Farmer & the Felon activated their brands behind the Last Prisoner Project. A percentage of their profits funds the Last Prisoner Project who are seeking to release all non-violent cannabis law violators offenders.

Let us help you to install purpose in your brand.  And watch your brand grow into a brand people love and support. Select your next step today.


  • One Hour + pre work

  • 1 CPG expert + 1 Social Justice Expert
  • One-page call report

  • Free Cannabis Marketing Tips E-book


Purpose Workshop

Project Work
  • Investor Pitch Deck Creation
  • 2 CPG experts + 2 Social Justice experts

  • Social Justice & Your Brand internal workshop

  • Social Justice Audit & Recommendations

  • Activation Strategy & Plan



Full Brand Launch/ Re-launch
  • Varies

  • 2 CPG experts + 2 Social Justice experts

  • Full Digital Strategy & execution of the plan

  • Social Justice & Your Brand internal workshop

  • Social Justice Audit & recommendations

  • Social Justice Marketing Plan & execution

  • Sustaining success: being a Social Justice Brand

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